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Earth Outlaws #2 and Galactic Bounty Hunters #1 together in one book.

Collector's Edition
Signed & numbered
Limited to 1000 copies 
+ Certificate of Authenticity

Written by
Don Thomas 
Cody Stewart

Art and Color by
Paul Green

Page Count

28 pages


​Science Fiction


Follow the Earth Outlaws as they undertake a quest to find Quaid's lost brother - a mission that make them targets for galactic bounty hunters, space pirates and alien cyborgs, and eventually fugitives from Earth!


During a space expedition, a massive meteor impacts a Space Shuttle sending it and it's crew into deep space. With no signal and lost communication, NASA believed the astronauts were lost forever. They declared the mission a tragic failure and announced the names of those on board. One of those astronauts was Dane Quaid's brother, Daniel. Quaid refused to accept this. So he asked NASA to coordinate a search and rescue team to find his brother and the rest of the crew.They declined. Desperate to find his brother Quaid enlisted the help from his father James Quaid, retired space marine; his girlfriend, Casey Hathaway, technologist and long time friend, Bill Richards, weapon specialist. Together they hijacked one of NASA's most advanced space shuttles. 

Later: Stan Dixon, head of NASA's explorations assigned a team of novice astronauts to inspect the Otto 12 - the same spacecraft hijacked by Quaid and his crew - as a final stage to see if they were ready for space. Stunned and outraged that the shuttle was missing. Dixon executed a lock down  alert and thorough investigation. Knowing exactly what what they were after, Dixon pretended that he did not know and was afraid that they would interfere with national security. He was granted a mass team of special skilled space marines when it came to combat and immediately arranged for their departure to retrieve the OTTO 12 by any means necessary, even if it meant casualties.